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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Lobster Bakes With The Maine LobsterBake Co....

Maine Lobster Bakes CateringWhat is your minimum and maximum group size?
- We cater to groups of up to 225 people on Peaks Island but in any other location we can accommodate up to 600.
How long does a bake last?
- The average lobster bake takes about 2.5 - 3 hours to complete from start to finish, 45 minutes to cook and serve and the rest of the time to enjoy the beauty of the island .
How do you get to the island?
- Casco Bay lines runs regular ferries or a special trip can be made by schooner or water taxi.
How do I get to the bake once I am on the island?
- The oceanside buildings are a short walk from the ferry, a golf cart can be arranged for anyone who may need it.
Where do I park on the mainland?
- There are several parking garages in the Old Port where the ferry leaves from that charge by the hour.
Are there any accommodations on the island?
- The Inn and The Peaks Island House both have rooms for rent.

Are there emergency services on the island?
- Yes, there are always at least two EMT/Police Officers on duty at all times.

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